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::bojour Holder, is it an official action of médiawiki ? why this user is using a floating IP ? who is he really ? may be it is better to wait the answer of the user who load the files before a speedy deletion ? cordialement, [[Utilisateur:Geoleplubo|Geoleplubo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Geoleplubo|discussion]]) 18 ed Join 2016 à 10:42 (UTC)
:::[[Discussion utilisateur:Geoleplubo#wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy]]. [[Spécial:Contributions/|]] 18 ed Join 2016 à 11:02 (UTC)
More in Commons. [[Spécial:Contributions/|]] 24 ed Join 2016 à 18:12 (UTC)
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