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Similar templates at English sister projects [edit]
Wikipedia-logo.png wpd Wikipedia Interwikitmp-grp
Commons-logo.svg cms Commons Interwikitmp-grp
Wikibooks-logo.svg wbk Wikibooks Interwikitmp-grp
Wikispecies-logo.svg wsp Wikispecies Interwikitmp-grp
Wikiversity-logo.svg wvy Wikiversity Interwikitmp-grp

Usage[modifier ech wikicode]

Use interwiki links instead of this ugly box. Projects have different needs and thus different templates. Linking to them isn't always relevant or helpful. Very few are the same across all projects (and those that are, like {{!}}, don't really need to be linked anyway). To link to other projects besides Wikipedias, you can use something like {{InterProject/all}}

(a little more elegant at least).